Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Testing AngularJS app in IntelliJ

Install jsTestDriver plugin for IntelliJ

Ensure that the following files exist within your project

  1. jquery-1.8.3.js
  2. jasmine-1.1.0.js *
  3. JasmineAdapter-1.1.2.js *
  4. angular-resource.js
  5. angular-mocks.js

Create a .jstd file in your project folder.(eg ‘TestConfig.jstd’).The file should be something like this
Create a test file. Write your test cases using Jasmine and run them using JsTestDriver plugin. 

Note: if u add angular-mocks.js before jasmine, on running the tests, you may get a reference error - module/inject not defined

* while writing the test cases, IntelliJ prompts to add JasmineAdapter and jasmine you could add them then as well