Thursday, November 8, 2012

Setting up Play-Scala Project in IntelliJ Idea

The easiest way to setup a Play-Scala project is by using the giter8 template.

Setup the project using by giving the following command in the terminal

$ g8 typesafehub/play-scala
# cd into the newly created directory and run with 'sbt run'

In the sbt console
$ idea

Once this is done, the project can be opened from Idea.

Setting up database for the project
  1. Add the database driver in project/Build.scala (throws driver not found error on being skipped)
  2. In conf/application.conf specify the database configuration(more on database in play)
  3. In conf/evolutions/default create a file 1.sql which has the database schema(more on evolutions)

  1. sbt
  2. giter8
  3. Play and Scala plugin for IntelliJ Idea